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  • Neptune's mysterious storm shrinking out of existence - Neptune storm

    Like Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Neptune has had its own raging storm. Astronomers using Hubble have discovered that this once-enormous storm is rapidly shrinking.

  • B.C. man gets 'once-in-a-lifetime' job managing world's largest telescope in Chile - Sean Dougherty ALMA telescope

    A man from the South Okanagan is about to become the boss at the world's largest telescope observatory located in Chile.

  • Starman and his Tesla could crash into Earth or Venus ... eventually - APTOPIX Space SpaceX New Rocket

    Bad news, Elon: There's a chance your Tesla Roadster will come crashing down to Earth.

  • Borneo's orangutans at risk of extinction after population decreases by 148,500 in 16 years - Bornean orangutan and baby

    Partly due to deforestation and the rise of industrial plantations, Borneo's orangutans are at risk of one day disappearing for good.

  • AIs, oceans and proteins: Ottawa announces winners of $950 million 'supercluster' competition - Navdeep Bains Feb. 15/18

    The Trudeau government has unveiled the winners of a competition to form technology 'superclusters' — a title that will guarantee the victors a piece of up to $950 million in federal funding.

  • Enhancing athletic performance on a genetic level - sample-bottles

    It’s already on WADA’s radar and gene doping may already be happening to enhance athletes’ performance, but its future is much more problematic.

  • Toxic metals from plastic left on the beach are leaching into the ocean's ecosystems: B.C. study - MALAYSIA ASIA FEATURE PACKAGE PLASTIC WASTE

    Researchers say tiny particles only millimetres in size can ferry metal into the ecosystem.

  • Google's Chrome browser starts blocking 'disruptive' ads - Computer user

    On Thursday, Google will begin using its Chrome browser to eradicate ads it deems annoying or otherwise detrimental to users. It just so happens that many of Google's own most lucrative ads will sail through its new filters.

  • Pulsating aurora spotted in Canada helps explain northern lights' origin - Pulsating aurora

    Scientists have figured out what causes pulsating auroras, a special type of northern lights that blink in the night sky. And it was partly thanks to a lucky observation of the phenomenon in Canada.

  • HQ Trivia game has not-so-trivial Canadian connections - HQ Trivia Screen Caps

    HQ Trivia, the internet sensation out of New York City that attracts nearly a million players a game, has a host with a special affinity for Canada and a tie to an Ottawa trivia mastermind.

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