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  • Truckers take cautious approach to all-electric vehicles - TESLA-TRUCK/

    All-electric trucks have the potential for cost savings for fleet operators, particularly if maintenance costs prove to be lower than diesel, but there are still some significant barriers to their adoption, according to trucking industry veterans.

  • Six Nations school launches app that teaches people to speak Mohawk - 300-mohawk-writing-03466457

    A Six Nations school is doing its part to keep Indigenous languages alive in the most modern of ways — with an app.

  • Climate-hit nations say UN talks offer little help for soaring losses - Germany UN Climate Summit

    Though some delegates and observers claimed progress on key details of the Paris agreement, countries that are immediately threatened by climate change say enough isn't being done.

  • Quebec biofuel company partners with Qantas in effort to cut emissions - Qantas Boeing 747

    A Quebec biofuels company has signed its first deal to power an airline's jets with energy grown from Canadian oilseeds.

  • What are the best ways to shrink your carbon footprint? - Emma Rohmann and family

    Want to reduce your carbon emissions? Curious about whether you’re getting the most for your efforts? Here’s how to figure out how to make the biggest difference.

  • Canada and U.K. form alliance to phase out coal to combat climate change - McKenna Barbie 20171107

    Canada and the United Kingdom have enticed 18 other nations to adopt their mutual goal of weaning themselves off coal-fired power — but at least two provinces are trying to negotiate their way out of the federal government's own domestic plan.

  • Scientists accused of scaremongering, 'overheated claims' with warning to humanity - NASA Earth

    A recent global "warning to humanity" endorsed by more than 15,000 scientists around the world includes scaremongering and overheated claims while ignoring much of the progress made in recent decades, some experts say.

  • Cybersecurity: Barely perceptible threat has potential to derail Canada's economy - computer password

    It's nearly imperceptible, but cybersecurity is nonetheless a haunting prospect for those in the upper echelons of Canadian governments and corporations.

  • Tesla unveils electric big-rig truck, record-fast Roadster - TESLA-TRUCK/

    Tesla Inc. on Thursday unveiled a prototype electric big-rig truck that it will start producing in 2019, throwing itself into a new market even as it struggles to roll out an affordable sedan on which the company's future depends.

  • 'No water, no birds': Wood Buffalo National Park among most threatened, warn international scientists - Pic 1

    One of the world's largest groups of conservation scientists says Canada's biggest national park is among the most threatened World Heritage Sites in North America.

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