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Computational simulation of the Hybrid Control concept is imperative to assess the feasibility of the system, select design parameters for the APL and ACF systems and to identify and test the Control Law of the Hybrid Control system. For this, a comprehensive 3D aeroelastic code is required, which must be capable of accurately capturing the aerodynamics of the blade – including the effect of the Actively Controlled Flap – as well as the structural response of the blade. This is a very challenging problem and at present, there is no commercial code capable of simulating all this.

Smart Rotor Systems Inc., in collaboration with Rotorcraft Research Group at Carleton University developed state of the art computational tool for simulating the Hybrid Control concept. Currently Smart Rotor Systems Inc, has a unique expertise in performing aeroelastic computational simulations of rotor based technologies (i.e. helicopters and wind turbines).

Smart Rotor Systems Inc., has expertise in performing independent computational analysis by means of Finite Element Methods (structural analysis) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (aerodynamic analysis).

Figure 1:  CFD Simulation Visualization.

CFD Simulation Visualization.